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Notice of Address for Filing Applications

Notice is hereby given that applications for a place on the Democratic Party primary ballot may be filed in person at the following address until 6:00pm on December 9, 2019.

Address of County Chair:

221 County Road 4748 Kempner TX 76539

Or call 512-632-1526 and I will meet you somewhere to sign the application


Aviso Del Lugar Se Registraran Solicitudes

Por lo presente se da aviso que las solicitudes para que el nombre de un candidato este puesto en la boleta para la eleccion primaria del partido, podran presentarse en persona en los siguentes lugares hasta las 6:00 de la tarde del el dia 9 de Diciembre de 2019.

Direccion del Presidente del Condado:

221 County Road 4748, Kempner TX 76539

Or call 512-632-1526 and I will meet you somewhere to sign the application


Dear friends,

The new election cycle begins this November when all the candidates file for office and announce their candidacies. That gives us one year to turn our county, our state and our countryBLUE. There is SOOOO much work to be done and we need your help. We need money for our ground operations in Lampasas County to pay for postage, office supplies, signs, special events and a headquarters as well as other expenses that may come up. By setting up a recurring donation, you will help us build a war chest to fight the battles to come. Just like every vote counts, every penny counts. Your support and donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!

Cyndy Burleson, Chair, LCDP


Here is how you can donate:

By credit card



By mail: Lampasas County Democratic Party (or LCDP)

               P.O. Box 1115

               Lampasas TX 76550

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