Democrats Stand for Hope, Equal Opportunity, and Fair Play. These are the values Texans share in our personal lives and the values we expect to define our economic and social policies. Texas Democrats are building a better state and a stronger nation where those who work hard and play by the rules can achieve their American Dream.
* In equal opportunity for all citizens.
* In rewarding, honest, hard work with a living wage and fair taxation.
* In family values that are more than a political slogan.
* In quality education that gives all citizens the opportunity to reach their potential. Fully fund public schools and end excessive testing. Support teachers and State retirees.
* In freedom from government interference in our private lives and personal decisions.
* In expandable, accessible healthcare for everyone, especially Texas Children and Elderly/Disabled.
* In bringing infrastructure into the 21st century--repair our aging Texas roads and bridges.
* In protecting our natural resources and advocate for renewable energy
* That individual strengths in our diverse population are a benefit.
* In security in our homes and safety on our streets. Criminals should face swift and certain punishment.
* In separation of Church and State to preserve the freedom to pursue our beliefs.
* In a strong United States -- morally, economically, and militarily.
* In common-sense reforms that give us cleaner and safer air and water.
* In amending the constitution to state that: CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE and MONEY IS NOT FREE SPEECH.
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